Fields of Activity


Özlem Agri Group;

ÖZLEM FEED brand: Annual production 250.000 tons/year of high quality, dependable, healthy ruminant, small ruminant, poultry and performance enhancer feeds, following the principles of “balanced and economic animal nutrition” in the state-of-the-art, fully automated plants in Salihli and Kaynarca;

ÖZLEM DAIRY brand: Producing safe, wholesome and tasty milk in compliance with all HACCP Food Safety System requirements in its 3000 heads modern farm having Blue Flag, Disease Free Operation and EU Approved Farm certifications where animal welfare is a priority,

ÖZLEM EGG brand: Producing 75 million table eggs per year in latest technology facilities, ensuring food safety by strict bio-security measures and consistency through full automation, always fresh and tasty thanks to our Product Tracing System,

ÖZLEM AGRICULTURE brand: Growing corn, wheat and alfalfa on 350 hectares under the “manure composting” system, developed with a view to preserving the environment and natural resources in line with the sustainable agriculture principles,

ÖZLEM BEEF brand: We are also active in beef industry with our 550 head modern feedlot where animal welfare is a priority, cattle are fattened under 7/24 supervision of expert personnel on high-quality nutritious feeding programs and with full protective vaccination.
Investments are underway to expand in this field as well.